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2D Drying-wetting Shallow water simulation

Note: these tutorials have been tested with version 18.10. They will not work with previous versions.


The following tutorial will guide you through all the steps to conduct a Conservative 2D St. Venant simulation (also known as 2D Drying-wetting Shallow water simulation). Like in the two previous test cases, there won’t be partitioning nor renumbering, the problem will run on one computing node.

This third test case will use the commands of H2D2 seen in the previous tutorials, adding the following aspects:

  • In the simulation definition section, the parameters (global properties, etc.) defined will be specific for a St. Venant simulation.
  • The resolution strategy is developed further; we integrate a non-linear system solver within the time integration strategy, which was introduced in the second tutorial. It solves the system with a given time step, different from the simulation time step.
  • A control flow structure is used for the time integration strategy steps. As a result, the process can follow different paths, which can be modified by changing the control parameter. More information about strategies can be found in the Advanced Chapters.

The domain is a segment of a small river. Starting from a constant level and no velocity, the solution is solved throught time integration.

Like in the two previous tutorials, the input files that will be used for this third tutorial can be found in the Input files section.

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