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Basic Advection-Diffusion 2D simulation

Note: these tutorials have been tested with version 18.10. They will not work with previous versions.


The following tutorial will guide you through all the steps to conduct a stationary 2D Advection-Diffusion simulation. It is a test case to familiarize you with the commands of H2D2. Its purpose is to highlight the groups of commands and not to detail all possibilities. This will be dealt with in subsequent parts.

The test configuration is as follow:
  • The flow is a straight channel with constant velocity in x. It is stationary;
  • The contaminant is conservative; there is no agradation/degradation kinetics.
  • Injection is on the whole inflow boundary which produces a constant solution.

As a result the problem to solve is linear. Also, there won’t be partitioning nor renumbering, the problem will run on one processor.


Helpful tips!

The order of the steps may vary. The rule is that the values necessary for a step shall all be defined and set before they are used by a function, a method or a constructor.  

The input files that will be used in this Tutorial 1 can be found in the Input files section.

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