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Bug tracker

H2D2 bug tracking system

H2D2 bug tracker offers a Web form which allows pertinent information to be entered and submitted to the developers.

The first step in filing a report is to determine whether the problem has already been reported. The advantage in doing so, aside from saving the developers time, is that you learn what has been done to fix it; it may be that the problem has already been fixed for the next release, or additional information is needed (in which case you are welcome to provide it if you can!).

To do this, search the bug database. If the problem you’re reporting is not already in the bug tracker, go back to the Bug Tracker and log in. If you don’t already have a tracker account, select the “Register” link. It is not possible to submit a bug report anonymously.

Tickets ouverts

Cliquez sur un domaine, une version ou un état de ticket pour voir tous les tickets ouverts dans cette catégorie. Pour avoir plus d'options de recherche, cliquez sur « Recherche avancée de tickets ».

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