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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I get H2D2?

Binaries are available in the download section.

How do I access the source code?

Please contact Yves Secretan, using the following form.

How do I install H2D2 on my computer?

For all installation issues, please refer to the Installation section, in the Download folder.

How can I modify the language of the software?

More information can be found in the Installation section.

I tried to launch H2D2, but it did not start.

  1. Are your files in the specified folder/is the specified PATH correct?
  2. Do you have all the libraries required to run H2D2?

Which libraries are used to run the simulation on multiple processors?

  • MPI (MPICH2 or Open MPI depending on the platform) is used to distribute the computation on the interconnected computing nodes. MPI is tightly coupled into H2D2 and a full installation of MPI is required. As MPI requires network connection, it might require adjustements to firewall settings.
  • PT-Scotch algorithm is used to partition the mesh and renumber the node of the finite-element mesh,
  • MUMPS, the distributed memory linear solver.

More information about partitioning and renumbering can be found in the Advanced Chapters.

While launching H2D2, a dialog box indicating “h2d2.exe – Point d’entrée introuvable - Le point d’entrée de procédure __libm_sse2_cbrt est introuvable dans la bibliothèque de liaisons dynamique libmmd.dll.” is displayed.

This error is generated by an incompatible library libmmd.dll, which is in your PATH and which is read before the one installed by H2D2. Most likely, libmmd.dll has been copied during the installation of a program to the system32 directory. Unfortunately, Modeleur is one of the culprit.

To correct this problem, you have to move the two following files, from the folder "C:\WINDOWS\system32" to the Modeleur installation folder, i.e. "C:\Program Files\Modeleur1.0a07\bin":

  • libguide40.dll,
  • libmmd.dll.



What is H2D2?

H2D2 is a finite element software, modular and extensible, developed at INRS-ETE, a research center part of the Université du Québec network.

More information can be found in the Description section.



Which types of simulations can I do with H2D2?

I just launched my H2D2 simulation, but it ended in error.

In the output file or on the screen, you have the logs of the session. Errors messages are displayed there and should help you in your analysis of the problems. Most common errors are:

  1. Missing input files or wrong path,
  2. Syntax errors,
  3. Input files incoherence.

As much information as possible is displayed about the offending command. Depending on the context, even the help about the command is displayed. 

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