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2D Advection-Diffusion

The Advection-Diffusion equation refers to a very common mathematical model in physics, to simulate mass or energy transported by a fluid in movement. Its general formulation is:

Advection-Diffusion equation


with its associated initial and boundary conditions:

Associated initial and boundary conditions for Advection-diffusion equation


where C (x, t) is the unknown state variable which in this work corresponds to the solute concentration, V the fluid velocity, D the diffusion/dispersion tensor, Ω a bounded, polygonal open set of R2, ∂Ω1, ∂Ω2 and ∂Ω3 are partitions of the boundary ∂Ω of Ω corresponding to Dirichlet, Neumann and total flux boundary conditions and η∂Ω the unit outward normal to the boundary ∂Ω.

This section on the element for the 2D Advection-Diffusion simulation is divided as follows:

Chapitre: advection diffusion ( 1 / 6 )

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