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Introduction to H2D2

H2D2 is a finite element software, modular and extensible. In its present form, it enables the shallow water equations solving, also known as St. Venant equations, advection-diffusion equations with different kinetics (colibacteria, heavy metals, suspended matter, etc…) and bottom sediment transport. Relying on well-established third party libraries, H2D2 can run on distributed memory cluster and on shared memory computing nodes. It is mostly used in a batch processing mode with a command file, but can also be used in an interactive mode for lighter tasks.

Developed at INRS-ETE, a research center part of the Université du Québec network, H2D2 is in the continuity of Hydrosim and Dispersim (Hydrosim2-Dispersim2). It is based on the last Hydrosim and Dispersim versions as well as on various related developments done during previous mandates.

H2D2 can be used tightly coupled to Modeleur, a G.I.S specialized and dedicated to River Hydraulics. With Modeleur, one constructs the Numerical Terrain Model and the finite element mesh needed for the simulations, drives the hydrodynamic simulation and analyses the results. But thanks to a descriptive interpreted command language, H2D2 can be used separately with other pre-processing softwares.

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